We celebrate differences!
Welcome to Sunera Foundation!

Our Vision

A society that fully recognizes and accepts the contribution of persons living with disability.

Our Mission

Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of persons living with disability, the Sunera Foundation facilitates their fullest integration into society.

Our Philosophy

Our work is based on the belief that everyone deserves equal respect. We don’t believe in discrimination. We celebrate differences. Through our work, we demonstrate how much those who are marginalized and stigmatized can actually contribute to the society.

Disabled Rights as Human Rights

We work to challenge the deep-rooted social attitudes and misconceptions on disability. All our performers claim their rightful place in society, educating their fellow citizens through their mutual enjoyment of the creative arts.


Our weekly workshops provide much needed space for these individuals to express themselves without ridicule or prejudice. READ MORE

Theatre Performances

Every year, all our workshop participants are given the chance to stage their own performances to an audience within their regions in the drama festival - Samanalayaya. READ MORE

Fundraising Events

Sunera offers its services free of charge to the disabled community in Sri Lanka. Much of our work is sustained through various fundraising initiatives such as high end classical concerts, theatre productions, musical shows, fashions shows, dinner theatre, sales and other events by our supporters and friends we organize annually.

Friends of Sunera Foundation

The Friends of Sunera Foundation was a UK-based charitable trust (number 1118536) started in 2006 with one aim – to raise funds for Sunera Foundation in Sri Lanka. From then until 2017, FSF was always our biggest supporter – true ‘Friends of Sunera.’ Through their commitment and dedication over the years, FSF raised a phenomenal amount of money in support of our work. This has been the backbone of our existence.

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Awards for Sunera Foundation

Business World International Top 10 Service Excellence Organizations


Susevabhimani Awards Ceremony 2016


Women In Management- Most outstanding non profit organization

Wings: The Sunera Story

Wings - a celebration of Sunera Foundation's 20-year long journey working to enhance the lives of the young differently abled will take you back to the early days, when its founder, Sunethra Bandaranaike met Wolfgang Stange, of the AMICI Dance Theatre Company in London, and the two decided to collaborate on a performing arts workshop for a group of people with disabilities in Sri Lanka.

The publication is priced at Rs. 4500/= and now available at Sunera Foundation Office, Paradise RoadCollection, Barefoot Ceylon, Vijitha Yapa Bookshops and Sarasavi Bookshops for purchasing.


News & Events
Oct 24 2023
Grand Finale of Samanalayaya 2023
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Jun 30 2023
All Set for Samanalayaya 2023 Regional Drama Festival
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Jun 05 2022
Training with Masks
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Mar 22 2022
Art Therapy training for Dambulla workshop
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