Chairperson’s Message

As Founder of Sunera Foundation, looking back on our journey of two decades, I am truly proud of what we have achieved, and the unwavering commitment of our team.

We have dared to challenge the deep-rooted social attitudes to disability. The passion and dedication of our team members have made it possible for us to break down barriers in carrying out our message of respecting the individual and his/her contribution to the whole.

As a result, all our performers claim their rightful place in society, educating their fellow citizens through their mutual enjoyment of the creative arts. What’s special about Sunera Foundation is that it does not fear difference, but rather celebrates it. We bring together people from all ethnic backgrounds, who are differently-abled, to create dynamic theatre groups, rich in variety. We use the Performing Arts as a tool for integration. Those who are involved with us are rewarded by the fact that through our work prejudices are dismantled, and lasting harmony is built in their place. Sunera Foundation needs your support. Please join us in taking up the challenge.