Parents take the Stage!
Published date 2019-03-02

Our second Parents Performance was held on the 2nd of March 2019 at the Hindu Cultural Centre Kandy bringing together on stage the parents of our Kandy and Katugasthota workshops. 17 Parents participated in the production which consisted of singing, dance and drama. The drama was titled ‘Anduru Seya’ was directed by one of our trainers Nissanka Dharmathilleke and was based on the menacing narcotics problem faced by children in society carrying an important message to the audience. The parents performed to an audience of over 350, consisting of government officials, clergy, family, friends and well wishers.

Having dedicated their entire life to caring for their disabled children, primarily the mothers, have let go of their dreams, plans and aspirations for their own lives. Untiringly and lovingly they support their children day in and day out encouraging them to progress against the odds. Through the success of the Parents Committees in each workshop, Sunera Foundation realized the need and desire in the parents to interact, belong and feel self confident in themselves. This has been the beginning of a support structure, a learning forum and a place to socialise for the parents while waiting for their children to finish their workshop. Taking it further for the second time, Sunera gave these amazing parents the same opportunity that they aim so selflessly to give their children. Our first Parents Production was held in Dehiwala in 2017.

It was indeed a confidence booster for the parents and a joy to be able to finally do something for themselves. It was also exciting for the children to see their parents on stage for the first time.