Wings: The Sunera Story is out now!
Published date 2021-03-31

Wing- a celebration of Sunera Foundation’s 20-year long journey working toenhance the lives of the young differently abled will take you back to theearly days, when its founder, Sunethra Bandaranaike met Wolfgang Stange, of theAMICI Dance Theatre Company in London, and the two decided to collaborate on aperforming arts workshop for a group of people with disabilities in Sri Lanka.


Inspiredby what they had achieved together, Sunethra continued to champion the SuneraFoundation, growing its activities, expanding its outreach, developing itsprogrammes and catering to an ever-increasing demand for its expertise. Overthe last two decades, many hundreds of families from across the island havebenefitted from Sunera’s workshops. Facing down stigma and discrimination,these young Sri Lankans are defying stereotypes and empowering some of the mostvulnerable among us.


The bookcaptures their journey from the first workshop to the performance atSamanalaya, Sunera’s bi-annual theatre festival – when these young thespiansfinally tread the boards at the iconic Lionel Wendt Theatre.Drawing on Sunera’sarchives and with writing by Smriti Daniel, design by Renu Warnasuriya andphotography by Malaka MP and Suda Shanmugaraja, Wings explores the waysin which the arts can build community, create connection and transform lives.


The publication which is priced at Rs. 4500/= is now available at Sunera Foundation Office, Paradise RoadCollection, Barefoot Ceylon, Vijitha Yapa Bookshops and Sarasavi Bookshops forpurchasing.



to watch our full launch video, which includes conversationsnippets from Sunethra Bandaranaike; Chairperson of the Foundation, RohanPonniah; a founder Trustee, very special friends of Sunera Foundation, andMaestro Rohan de Silva, who will be speaking on behalf of the wonderfulmusicians who have helped raised funds for the organisation, along with a sneakpeek into the essence of what you can expect from Wings: The Sunera Story.