Avurudu Fun and Games
Published date 2019-12-04

Some of our workshops celebrated the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with Avurudu games which was a good time of fun and celebration for the participants, trainers and parents of the workshops. The Aluthgama workshop celebrated the New Year together this year observing the traditions together with their parents at the workshop. It was a meaningful and fun time for them.

The Dehiwala workshop celebrated with games and a cricket match. The hot sun did not keep the participants off the field!Negombo, Horagolla, Wattala, Kurunegala and Galle workshops also celebrated with festivities, games and rituals. The participants had a good time of celebration with each other and enjoyed having their Parents join in on all the fun and entertainment.

Traditional sweet meats, treats and gifts were a part of all the celebrations which completed the day with much excitementDue to the terror attacks many of the celebrations that were planned to be held after the New Year were unfortunately cancelled.