Theatre Performances

Every year, all our workshop participants are given the chance to stage their own performances to an audience within their regions in the drama festival - Samanalayaya. The annual Samanalayaya festival is a major part of our work as it gives all participants the chance to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

The performances are a colourful celebration of the differences and common humanity. The short theatrical pieces are written, choreographed, directed and produced by the Sunera trainers for each of the workshops handled by them. Whilst the disabled participants are the main beneficiaries of this project, the benefits also extend to the trainers, families of the disabled and to the community at large. The regional performances are held in nine districts by bringing together a few workshops from the district in one central location.

The best of the regional performances of Samanalayaya are staged in Colombo at the grand finals. A panel of judges consisting well-respected film and theatre personalities evaluate the performances and award first, second and third places for the best production, best director, best male performer and best female performer, thereby recognizing the talent of our participants and motivating them to perform well.

Parents Take a bow!

For the first time in the history of Sunera Foundation, the parents of our participants took to the stage for their moment of glory in 2017 through the event -Ahasatath Udin (Beyond the Sky). Having dedicated their entire life to caring for their disabled children, primarily the mothers, have let go of their dreams, plans and aspirations for their own lives. Untiringly and lovingly they support their children day in and day out encouraging them to progress against the odds. Through the success of the Parents Committees in each workshop, Sunera Foundation realized the need and desire in the parents to interact, socialize, belong and feel self confident themselves. This has been the beginning of a support structure, a learning forum and a place to socialize for the parents while waiting for their children to finish their workshops. Sunera decided to take it further and give these amazing parents the same opportunity that they aim so selflessly to give their children.

The short drama they staged was a moving story of a family whose parents had three daughters, one being differently-abled and their real life struggles, trying to face the challenges that came their way, all while being alert to the physical and emotional needs of their differently-abled daughter and sister. The story shows us that even though limitations are many in disabled people, they are caring and loving and are able to be there for anyone who needs them. The parents were delighted at the opportunity given to them and made their families proud!

Performances by invitation

Time to time our workshop participants are invited to perform at outside events such as corporate functions, awards ceremonies, launch events, conventions, etc.

Accompanying the Sri Lankan Cricket team to the field at the England ODI Tour 2014

HNB Assurance Event

World Tourism Day 2016