The weekly workshops are the cornerstone of Sunera Foundation’s activities, which is built on the notion of inclusion and sharing. Sunera conducts 37 workshops island-wide on a weekly basis using the medium of performing arts for over 1300 young differently-abled persons in Sri Lanka with the objective to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem and facilitate their social integration. By harnessing the therapeutic qualities of dance, music, drama, puppetry, through the regular workshops conducted by our team of well trained and experienced trainers, Sunera workshop participants are guided to develop physically and mentally whilst self-exploring their inborn creative talents and strengths. Supplementing regular activities in the performing arts workshops, Sunera conducts art therapy, speech therapy from time to time to help participants overcome their inhibitions.

Sunera workshops are attended by both male and female participants with various forms of disability, barring race, religion and language. These weekly workshops provide much needed space for these individuals to express themselves without ridicule or prejudice. These activities in turn facilitate growth, healing, love, interaction and unity for the differently-abled community. All workshop activities lead up to the annual Samanalayaya Drama Festival which objects to bring on the stage each and every workshop participant through performances scripted by our trainers.